Architecture that improves your life

How can my architecture make your life better?

My speciality is designing flexible spaces that respond to your current and future needs. Houses that make you feel at home, that generate well-being, and take care of your health. Thanks to a high energy performance construction, comfort is not incompatible with savings. Furthermore, ecodesign contributes to a more sustainable society model and reduces our impact on the environment.

The ARKT+ formula


Health and Wellness
by design

Architecture that takes care of you. The light and acoustic quality of the spaces as well as the hygrothermal comfort (temperature and humidity) are as important as aesthetics.

A home without dampness, with clean and healthy indoor air, and without unpleasant drafts is essential for your physical and psycho-emotional health.


Efficient energy use and savings

Passive houses with nearly zero-energy consumption (Passivhaus, EECN / nZEB) that reduce the energy required for heat and cooling by up to 75%.

Bioclimatic architecture takes advantage of the natural resources of Ibiza’s climate. Investing in optimal insulation and high-performance windows pays off with savings on bills and increases the property’s value.


Tailor-made and flexible spaces

A house that allows you to live how you want. A flexible space configuration that responds to your changing needs and desires with little effort and that adapts to all your activities.

An intelligent design is an ally for a stress-free everyday life. Spaces easy to clean and maintain give you time and freedom.


Sustainable and resilient architecture

Sustainable houses for a better future take care of Ibiza and the planet and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

Bioclimatic architecture strategies, high-performance energy offered by the Passivhaus standard, and the integration of renewable energies minimize CO2 emissions. Future-Proof homes that are more resilient to climate change.

Closeness, criteria, and availability

Designing your home is a meaningful process and can be an exciting time in life. I accompany you with my experience from the moment you dream of the new house until you start living in it.

Can I help? Contact me:

  • If you want to build or rehabilitate a home in Ibiza or Formentera thinking of yourself and your family. Together we will design and build the house you imagine.
  • If you need advice when buying a plot or building to be rehabilitated. I know the idiosyncrasy of Ibiza and Formentera, and I can advise you on the elements to take into account: the urban planning situation, the orientation, or the state of conservation of the building, among others.
  • If you are considering renovating your house so that it better adapts to your lifestyle. Together we can reconfigure your spaces, make it more spacious and brighter, more energy-efficient, and provide greater well-being and comfort.